Activities in our school

Learn by Doing...

Art and craft

Our students are encouraged to pursue art and craft so that their creative skills get a huge boost, and they are able to express better.  Regular classes to experiment with visual modes of communication engage the child’s ability in understanding and grasping better.

Beyond the Books

At PADC, we realise that successful adults are moulded as kids. We actively prepare the children for integration in the regular environment by working hard to inculculate a sense of discipline and time management from a young age. Our unique pedagogy makes a deaf child’s life much more meaningful and enriching in all areas of their lives.


Active involvement

School Activities

Our school aspires to strike a unique balance by making the conditions favorable for the integration of the deaf children with the mainstream society.


Annual Day

Endeavors to showcase the talent of deaf children and the beautiful impact of intense training.

Regular Counselling

Counsellors regularly counsel the parents of deaf children to help in handling their children’s’ disability better.

Grand celebrations

Religious and national festivals are celebrated with pomp and grandeur to ensure that the child feels at home.

Educative seminars and workshops

Experts from various walks of life conduct regular seminars and workshops to help a parent become a better teacher.

Association Activities

PADC strives to educate the community at every stage and empower deaf children across the globe.


Training for deaf children

Association conducts regular sessions by experts to train mothers in the aural and oral method for deaf children.


Awareness spreading programmes

Creating awareness in the society about deafness and its impact on life of persons affected by deafness


Educating other counsellors

Conducting orientation classes to counsellors in other schools engaged in training of deaf children


Regular update about technology

Sharing the information about development in field of deaf education, technologies etc


Regular guidance

Guiding parents in selection of the mainstream schools, courses, job placements for their children etc.

Extra Curricular Programs

“All study and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” At PADC, we take this seriously and carry extra curricular programs regularly to ensure holistic development of children.


Yoga Classes

Physical fitness and stress management are taken care of, with regular yoga classes for mothers and children.

Engaging Competitions

Mother and Child are encouraged to compete with their peers during the period of their stay.

Regular Sports

With a huge playground, children have space to play. Several sport competitions are organised every month.

Field Trips

Curiosity sparks innovation. In this spirit, children go on regular field trips to various industries and locations.





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School Hours: M-F: 10am - 4pm, Sat: 10am - 12.30pm.